Shanda A. Enderle M.S., LPC, BCN, NCC


Neuro and Bio Feedback

Peak Performance Training


Shanda is a Psychotherapist, Peak Performance Trainer who specializes in Neurofeedback, Personal Resilience Training, Coaching and Leadership Development. In addition to treating individuals with PTSD, anxiety, depression, ADD, Autisim and other mental health related issues she enjoys giving her time to her local community in various ways. She is board certified in Neurofeedback, a credentialed Mediator, a National Certified Counselor and holds a Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She has more than twenty years of experience in business and human capital development. She is a published researcher and has received multiple awards for her research in Neurofeedback. Shanda was given the position of Honorary Commander JBSA Lackland in 2012, and currently serves at the 727 TRSS Medhold. 

Shanda believes in the potential of the human spirit and desires to teach others about their limitless potential. She enjoys training and coaching those who strive to excel and push their limits of physical and mental capabilities. She is a skilled guide and uses the conscious as well as the unconscious to lead others to their desired goals.


She conducts meditation retreats and speaks publicly regarding mental health, the mind, body, spirit connection, human resiliency, adolescent issues and positivity.

Shanda is available for public and private speaking and training engagements, CV available upon request.

Individual consultations are available in her office or online via Zoom.

Call 830-431-1977 for appointments.