What world do you live in?

When is the last time you took a minute to evaluate what world or worlds you are living in? I thought about this as I was driving home from work, and it occurred to me that we have many illusionary worlds which we choose to live in and one real world that we often dance around. What I mean by this illusional world for example, is the world of social media, living in Instagram posts for instance, living in the "what if's" of tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, even the next decade! How about living in the past with it's pains and ghosts? Each of these worlds has the power to convince us that it is indeed a real and tangible place worth our energy and time. But the truth is, that it isn't. It isn't because these places lead us to avoid and ignore today, right now, this minute. They are a distraction to our truth. Our truth is the nitty gritty of who we are, with all of our fears, hopes, dreams, failures and successes, the good, bad and the ugly. It is who we are unfiltered and unedited, it is humanity. If we do not choose to acknowledge that a significant portion of the population, including our children, are living in this illusionary world then we are choosing to become complicit, in the act of willful ignorance. We can't let that happen, we have to turn away from embracing what is not real and begin to embrace what is and to believe that it is ok. This is the path to peace and freedom, accepting that what is, is indeed perfect. Running from pain and fear will only lead to a longer race that is never won or finished. I encourage you, as we embark in the new decade of 2020 to embrace your life and find your peace within, step out of the worlds of illusion and into the dimension of today and only today. Treasure minutes and hours alike because each one that passes by is one less we get to live and experience.

Peace, Love & Rescue

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