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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Expectation, an equation, A+B=C. “If I do this action A + B this belief = then C this desired result will happen.” Think about what happens to you when your expectations are not met with your desired result? What happens to your thoughts, your discipline, your resiliency, the pursuit of your goals, your emotional state? Expectation is a trap, a false belief of what will occur as a result of your effort. We experience expectation in everything we do, from waking up in the morning, driving our commute, meeting on Zoom, eating a meal, being in relationship, being at work, going to school, posting on social media, sending texts or a email, feeding the dog, taking a shower, doing underwaters, running and rucking, pledging allegiance, wearing a mask, buying food at the grocery store, filling your car up with gas…there is an expectation attached to each and every one of these examples and these are just a few that popped into my head as I was typing, I am sure there are many popping into your head as you read this. Expectation causes us to attach to an outcome, and attachment causes us to be bound, to be bound diminishes our freedoms. Attachment pulls us into it and prefers to keep us there because it controls us and keeps us small and caged. Some of us are more caged than others and some are afraid to be free, afraid to detach and let go and simply be. This means being very present, being in the moment, the Three Day Window? Yesterday, today and tomorrow or breakfast, lunch and dinner, etc. Keep your purview small because when we can focus here in this space and walk according to a micro view then we can be in our space mindfully rather than as a Tasmanian devil racing across the future of which we have no control. Dream big my friends! Dreams are important, imagination is necessary for growth but detach and let go of all expectations of outcome and simply see what comes up. As I have suggested in the past, walk through this life with a sense of wonder, as in, I wonder what will happen today, curious about the future but not attached to how it will serve and benefit you, again, not how it will benefit you. (Pause here and think for 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.) For the next week I challenge you to practice the discipline, the art of being unattached to your expectations and outcomes. Let them go, not to worry your expectations and attachments will be there for you if you so desire to wrap yourself in them again, if you desire to be bound and caged. There are times I suppose when we must be caged in order to appreciate being free, to understand and feel unattachment, but as we practice life the hope is that we spend less and less time in a caged life. Life is a battle, but it is a happy battle, go forth peaceful warriors, in light and love.


Mike Maroney – The Three Day Window

Mark - The Happy Battle Surf Co.

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