Confidence from Competence

Remember the last time you felt confident? Like, "I got this shit..!" Ever feel like you lack all confidence and that you may never know what it is like to dance in the rhythm of internal confidence? Don't worry we all have. But what does it mean to be confident and where does it come from? More importantly do you know where the fine line between gut confidence (GC) and false confidence (FC) lies? FC is derived from personal compliments from friends, family and acquaintances, you get a big boost of FC from likes and attention on social media platforms as well as believing our own lies. Yes, I said it. Another way to exude FC is from the intentional neglect of exposing ones self to non-biased opinions and critique. Meaning, allowing yourself to be challenged in your true beliefs about your abilities, WITHOUT getting your ego inflamed and having a pity party while blaming others for their lack of insight! Hmmmm, I have met a cone or two who suffers from this ailment of FC. They reek of FC, I can see it and smell it a mile away, it is easily identifiable. Would you like to know how? It is simple, first a person with FC doesn't listen effectively, meaning, rather than contemplating or considering what is being taught, say in the pool, they will immediately ask a question after instruction. Don't get me wrong, questions are good and important, inquiry and knowledge seeking is imperative to a critical thinker, but, there is such a thing as inappropriate questioning in timing and content. The FC Cone is a pro at this, it is basically a deflection of knowledge. What the FC Cone is saying is, " thoughts and questions are more important than what you are teaching, therefore, rather than follow without overthinking I am going to get in the way of the process". Not only will the FC Cone do this, they may even try to sway others into their beliefs of FC in order to not feel alone. Is this starting to sound familiar? Can you identify an FC Cone who you have come across? Can you see the danger here? Let me now transition to how competence relates to confidence. Competence is the root of confidence. To be competent is to be capable or proficient in a skill, task, knowledge base, etc. So how does one become competent you ask? Number one, be a good student, listen, observe, take notes, learn from those who have gone before you and do your research on what it is you are studying! Number two, practice, practice, practice some more and then keep practicing, there is no end game to becoming competent, you are always learning and trying to achieve higher understanding, new meaning, and better performance output, regardless of what it is you are studying! A student, grasshopper....we are all students, masters are rare and beware of the man who proclaims masterdom. Once you have established this routine as your way to goal achievement then you will begin to understand gut confidence, GC. It is a knowing, a sense that does not come from your chatty brain it comes from your gut. The gut is wise and requires our attention. GC Cones are not boastful and do not brag or let themselves be known, they are at times men and women of mystery and you never see them coming. Becoming in tuned with your GC will provide you cues as to when you are in your flow and when you are absolutely not. I challenge you to begin the journey of tuning your inner listening ear, hearing and considering what your gut is telling you and discerning between it and your FC brain. A person that can open themselves to alternative ways of thinking and learning will likely live a diverse life that is filled with wonder, if you so choose.. The effects will be deeper wisdom, peace and the ability to see beyond the normal and accepted margins of average day to day living. Be bold Cones, tune yourselves to GC and call out FC when you see it. Do it with love teach your fellows the way of GC and your ripple of living will be measured in all that you influence.

Peace, Love and Rescue...Hooyah.

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