Blood and Guts

Do you find it difficult committing to following through with what you want? Our mind will find excuses to sway us from our goals and our brain can constantly concoct lines of reason that do not actually make sense of why we should or shouldn't purse fully what we feel we are meant to do. We doubt, we fear, we allow ourselves to even fail and let the negative thoughts in our heads become victorious. Ah, what a shame, what a very typical human behavior. So how do we over come? What do we do when we have allowed ourselves to become our own victim? First, we have to forgive; we have to forgive ourselves for simply being human and then quickly get over it. Get over it and move on! We choose, and “choose” being the focus here, to get up and try again, get up and start over and just go. Without judging yourself, without berating yourself, clean slate, rise and go again. But while you are doing this please don’t ignore the writing on the wall, you know sometimes it is like graffiti painted in large colorful messages and other times it is more discrete like Morse code. The writing on the wall are the things we are often times pushing out of our purview because they require attention, health, injuries, things that need to be done like paying off debt, getting a new job, relationships, training, training, training, not ignoring the self, studying, researching and on and on. If you ignore the writing on the wall you are willfully choosing to deny what needs your attention. All things are connected in life, nothing is separate, no matter how hard we try, connection is the key. There are times in life when it is necessary to disconnect but that is for another blog post. I started this post with the question of commitment. Commitment is a complicated thing, when we are motivated to achieve something we feel the energy, we don’t have to try all that hard to hit our goals and stay on task. You can see this through many parts of life, personal and professional. It is what happens when that motivation starts to wear off, when you begin to slack off a little on training, when you pay less attention to what first brought you so much excitement, this is when you find your abundance of or lack of commitment. Commitment is staying with that which once motivated you so freely you didn't have to think twice. It is staying through the blood and guts of a thing, it is deciding it is worth it to invest my time, energy and passion because I want this to work. It may be hard, it may be painful, but it will also be beautiful and satisfying. All things at once, everything is always happening at once, all the good and all the difficult. So evoke your curiosity and test your commitment, who will I be when I commit to seeing this through, hmmm? Bigger, better, faster, stronger. Stick with it Cones, hang in there my fellows, never give up, never surrender.

Peace, Love, Rescue,


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