A Responsibility to Rescue (An Excerpt from the DSCR 2019_)

I recently bought a Sunday edition of my local paper, something I haven’t done in quite a long time, judging by not only the cost of it but also I was reminded of why I stopped buying it. Page after page was gloom and doom, a reminder of why I don’t watch, read or listen to the daily news. Which by my own admission leaves me at a deficit for being in the know, but luckily I have reliable sources to keep me up to date on the most important “news” of the day. I digress. As l read through each headline, shootings, suicides, fires, pharmaceutical mishaps, disease it dawned on me that what we, the collective we, are meant to do is rescue. Rescue each other, our fellow human, our planet, the animals and plant life that are dying, it is up to each individual to rescue their brother and sister. How are we ever going to unite if we do not start reaching a hand

out to our fellow man and say, "hey take my hand I can see you need a lift"? Since we live in the age where we do not show our true selves, as demonstrated by social media, and its filters and false bravado, then we must change our selves. There is not time to stand by any longer and just assume that your office mate is ok, that your kids are ok, that you spouse, significant other is ok. How can we be ok in this world, when the messaging we receive ALL day long is hopelessness? There is an answer to this, it is inside you, and it is why I don’t watch or listen or read the news. The answer is, we can be ok, but the first step is to be content with who you are today, to be at peace at where you are in your life. How many times a day are you posting your where about

on social media, or a selfie, or the food you ate for lunch or your dog or whatever the fuck? The sole and only purpose for those actions is for approval seeking from outside sources. But where is that leading you? Convince me please that it is taking you to your best and highest good, make me believe! Because what I can see is that it leads to a false sense of acceptance as well as a healthy dose of rejection based in a false and limited reality that you have cornered yourself into displaying to the world lest it find out the truth! The truth that you are suffering, that this is a bad day, week, month. When really what you could use is a little rescuing, not because you are weak, not because you are helpless but because as a fellow human we must learn to lean on each other more for support, to become vulnerable and show our true feeling and emotions, not to rely on each other to solve our problems but to support each other in the journey it takes to realize them. We need to be solid rocks for each other and to let down the filters of perfection because we all have strength beyond our consciousness knowing and one of the best ways to become strong is to be help someone, it is energy it is life it is love. We are literally made of sub-atomic particles that come from love, we are not solid pieces of matter, we are energy and waves in form, we are indeed magical. Full disclosure, I am often a mess, I get a lot of

things wrong, I try to help sometimes and fail, I feel insecure and unintelligent at times, but I am surrounded by people who love me and lift me up and remind me that I am not those things. I have learned to take this part of humanity and learn from it and become the researcher of my life, and to forgive myself when I feel as though I have disappointed those I treasure and respect. However, I will not stop pulling someone out of the proverbial dark waters of life, even when I don’t know what I am doing, I know I can bring a moment of peace to some one, or provide another perspective or teach a lesson that I have learned. You all can do the same

every day, please join me in this mission to look with different eyes at those that need rescuing whether it is with a listening ear, a warm meal or a place to sleep. The world we live in is in turmoil but we can turn it around with consistency in love and the intention to shift to what really matters and what matters is you and me, I love you and I love me and with that we can all be free.

Peace, love and rescue my friends, every day.

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